Press Room

Press Room

“Every time I walk by one of T Barny’s masterpieces it subtly calms and soothes my soul.”
-Collectors Bert & Linda Fornaciari 2006

“T Barny carves out the flaws of geological tension to release a sound free form inherent in the specific stone. These virtual spaces define the direction of the piece just as much as the positive body. This unpresumptuous approach illuminates pure relationships that not only exist within the final piece, but also interact with the surrounding environs. As one moves around a T Barny work, the sculpture creates a kinetic illusion of changing shape.”
-The Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket, Massachusetts 1994

“OSSEUS arrived safe and securely – it looks splendid. I am very happy to be its new owner… You are a major talent!”
-Collector Tom Johnson 2001

“T Barny stands in a cloud of marble dust, finishing a seashell sculpture. The hefty, handsome, blue-eyed blonde is scarcely recognizable beneath the protective gear – hip boots, kerchief-covered head, face mask, goggles and ear muffs…(T Barny comments)…It touches me when someone buys one of my pieces. I tell purchasers they can have a new sculpture each day of the year by turning it one degree…T Barny said he creates his sculptures to be touched. He recalled one show in San Francisco, where he watched visually handicapped children touch his work…(he states)…I was moved to tears. They were feeling the pieces in the way I had felt them…After they traced a Mobius with their fingers and realized they were back to were they started, big smiles emerged. That was communication.”
-Marjorie Kellog-Van Rheeden, San Jose Mercury News 1990

“We love the elegant and stunning sculpture that we commissioned as a joint anniversary gift for ourselves. The sculpture is of calcite on a swivel calcite base that can be turned on to catch the golden light coming through, showing the wonderful markings in the stone. It is truly eye-catching and is admired by all who see it!”
-Collectors Jane & Nelson Weller 2006

“Art galleries are completely redecorated every month – like having someone change your entire living room every few weeks and putting new and interesting things in it…The new and interesting things that appeared…in the Grants Pass Museum of Art go especially well together. Instead of one or two artists, four have found a spot in the gallery, without it being crowded…Californian T Barny’s stone work dominates…Expressive it is.”
-Edith Decker, Grants Pass Daily Courier

“I received my Italian sculpture ASCOLTATORE DI VENTO…The shape is totally beautiful and will be my prize possession until I receive my next piece that I’m commissioning right now…I’m more than pleased and I’ve been receiving beautiful comments from those who visit my house. I think I almost have a (T Barny) museum here now.”
-Collector Alan Radlo 2007

T Barny’s sculptures are… “Beautiful mobius, abstract seashell-like forms.”
-Dorothy Burkhart, San Jose Mercury News 1989

“Like all art, the pieces speak to you. In the case of T Barny’s works, his unique interpretations, be they abstract or allegorical, are such individual expressions that immediately found resonance with us. Our home is a work of art itself and T Barny’s pieces each have a permanent location that work in harmony with the house. Not a day goes by that we don’t admire the complimentary nature of house and artwork.”
-Collectors Bill Carney & Scott Monroe 2006

“A sensory experience; a chance for people to touch the awe and wonder of life rather than experience artistic prophecies of destruction and doom.”
-Healdsburg Tribune 1991

“Our T Barny is priceless to us…”
-Interview with Collector Ginny Lear in the San Jose Mercury News 1993



In this economy, you have to be creative. Think outside of the box, or in this case, outside of your block of stone. You have to look at what works and stretch yourself to the ends of the earth in order to come up with that unique twist that puts your event in another reality. T Barny’s event this year does just that with the underlying theme “stone is universal” and appeals to all as does music and art. Worldwide this show exhibits the celebration of stone and the reminder that “the only investment holding its’ value is art”.

Each June, the T Barny Gallery & Sculpture Gardens holds its annual event which provides an opportunity to invest in art. The participants’ experience the artistic process as the artist guides them through the choosing of stone, size and design to the unveiling of their new sculpture piece. Themed events held with this idea have included commissions based on his Artist-in-Residence in Greece, one in iTaly and Calcite ’08 where the whole show was comprised of one type of stone. This year the show goes international focusing on 16 different countries and their stone.

T Barny states, “I will create a “World of Stone”; an exhibit of 16 sculptures from 16 different countries. I’ve been carving in stone for 30 years. Stone has personality, character, texture and density. Knowing how to work with many types of stone, I create this challenge for myself and an adventure for my guests.”

The guests will enter through ‘Customs’ receiving their passports. They will travel the globe with T Barny having their passports stamped as they enjoy the sculpture exhibits of 3 continents “The America’s”, “Europe” and the “Far East”. The event invites you to interact with the country and their stone by employing curator skills. Participants will vote and compete for prizes naming their Favorite Country, Color of Stone and Style of Sculpture. International cuisine & libations will be served with the cosmopolitan sounds of a local band named “Batacha”.

By creating an investment opportunity, the artist T Barny creates his livelihood and his passion. His professional sculpting career has spanned decades and his pieces hold prestigious placement in collections internationally.?

April 02, 2008


“When sunlight hits the Calcite crystals, it is like carving champagne or the last rays of a Hawaiian sunset. I strive to take my sculptures as thin as possible and these Calcite crystals capture the incredible light ,” states California sculptor T Barny.

Honeycomb Calcite is an impressive & unique form of onyx. It is a translucent, luminous stone which is mined exclusively in the state of Utah. Its glowing appeal is ideal for T Barny’s curvilinear, mobius and superellipsoid designs.

In 2008, T Barny has the challenge to carve into the 12,000 pounds of Utah Calcite in his “rock garden” near Healdsburg, California. His creative energy is now focused on a stone that captures the attention of galleries, collectors and art lovers who look for statement pieces that have unique visual appeal.

“I began carving this rare stone 8 years ago but never had the opportunity to totally immerse myself in it. The pieces I carved previsously were acquired as soon as they were finished,” comments T Barny. The popularity of his signature mobius design works well with the texture and transparency that is in this beautiful stone.

The discovery of the stone came about completely by accident. A group of miners were working at a site in eastern Utah. They had been removing topsoil and were preparing to leave for the day when they noticed a pile of overburden glowing in the afternoon sun. The sunlight refracted through the crystals causing the stone to “glow”. The group, quite taken with this phenomenon, removed samples of the stone to have it tested and classified. It was a new form of calcite. It differs from the other 700 forms of calcite as a because of it strength, stability, luminous qualities and color. The color ranges from a soft, sunshine yellow to a deep honey amber depending upon the thickness of the stone.

T Barny has spent his life in a love affair with stone. He studied art, sculpture & design at Denison University, Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. Abstraction is his fascination and power tools are his forte. T Barny’s exhibitions and awards span decades and his pieces hold prestigious placement in collections internationally.

The pieces and the scope of T Barny’s work can be seen at